When Do Dachshunds Go Into Heat?

Female Dachshunds typically go into heat twice a year for about a month at a time.

The age at which a Dachshund will have her first heat cycle can vary, but it is usually between 6 and 14 months old. The first heat cycle will normally last around 18 to 21 days, but a female dog should not be bred until it completes at least its second heat cycle. The length of the heat cycle can vary depending on the dog, but it usually lasts between 21 and 28 days. Small dog breeds like Dachshunds can go into heat 3-4 times per year. Signs that a female Dachshund is in heat include a swollen vulva, vaginal discharge, and increased urination. It is important to keep a close eye on a female Dachshund during her heat cycle to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

What Are The Signs Or Symptoms That Indicate A Dachshund Is Going Into Heat?

  • Swollen vulva: Located just below the anus, the Dachshund’s vulva will turn redder in color and increase in size, often 2 to 3 times its normal size.
  • Behavior quirks: A Dachshund entering heat can become more skittish or aggressive around others, including people and animals, but especially other dogs.
  • Increased licking of the vaginal area: A Dachshund may lick the area around the vulva more frequently than usual.
  • Vaginal bleeding: A Dachshund may experience bloody discharge from the vulva.
  • Decrease in vaginal bleeding: The amount of blood typically decreases when a Dachshund is in peak heat. Once this occurs, the Dachshund is in the most fertile stage of estrus for about a week to 10 days, until bleeding starts again (although bleeding doesn’t always recur) .
  • Mating behavior: A Dachshund may exhibit mating behavior, such as mounting or humping objects or other dogs.
  • Switched tail position: A Dachshund may hold its tail in a different position than usual, such as raised or to the side.
  • Frequent urination: A Dachshund may urinate more frequently than usual.
Dachshunds Go Into Heat

How Long Does The Heat Cycle Typically Last For A Dachshund?

The heat cycle of a Dachshund can vary depending on the dog, but typically lasts between 2-4 weeks. The first heat cycle usually lasts around 18-21 days.

During this time, it is not recommended to breed the female dog. The heat cycle can be broken down into three stages: proestrus, estrus, and diestrus.

The proestrus stage lasts around 7-10 days, while the estrus stage lasts around 7 days. The diestrus stage is the final stage of the heat cycle and lasts around 60-90 days.

It is important to note that a female Dachshund should not be bred until it completes at least its second heat cycle.

Are There Any Health Concerns Or Precautions That Dachshund Owners Should Be Aware Of During Their Dog’s Heat Cycle?

Here are some health concerns and precautions that Dachshund owners should be aware of during their dog’s heat cycle:

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS): Female dogs are prone to TSS if they aren’t kept clean during their heat. It’s important to keep your Dachshund in an easy-to-clean, gated area and provide plenty of clean dog blankets or towels.
  • Increased risk of unwanted pregnancy: During their heat cycle, female Dachshunds are more likely to become pregnant if they mate with a male dog. It’s important to keep your Dachshund away from male dogs during this time to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Changes in behavior and mood: During their heat cycle, Dachshunds may experience changes in their energy level, mood, appetite, and weight. They may be less playful and behave differently.
  • Increased urination: Female Dachshunds may urinate more frequently during their heat cycle.
  • Spaying: The only way to eliminate a female Dachshund’s heat cycles is to get them spayed. However, spaying a Dachshund too young and before she’s physically mature could make her more prone to getting Intervertebral Disc Disease.

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