Viral video shows singing dachshund turn on music whilst Owner tries to Lull Baby to Sleep

A hilarious TikTok sensation features an adorable dachshund named Noah, captivating viewers with his comical singing antics while the owner tries to put the baby to sleep.

The viral video, amassing over 12 million views in just 24 hours, showcases Noah standing on a nightstand, expertly activating an Alexa speaker.


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♬ original sound – Noah

Despite the owner’s attempts to intervene, Noah, the brown dapple dachshund, hilariously howls in tune with the music, creating a sidesplitting moment that has everyone laughing this week.

dappled dachshund selfie looking in to camera

The catchy track, “Lua” by Djamou Sangare and Idd Aziz, has gained popularity thanks to this delightful canine performance.

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