Sausage Dog Escapes Over Stair Gate Using Canine Companions

Witness the “Paw-shank Redemption” as a mischievous dachshund’s daring escape is captured by Mary Warwick from Burbage.

The clever (and funny) sausage dog enlisted the help of her pooch pals to climb on a bulldog’s back and conquer the stair gate. Mary, stunned by the footage, had installed a camera in the kitchen to unveil the canine caper.

Did you Know that dachshunds have a PhD in mischief? These little sausage-shaped comedians are experts at turning everyday items into toys and finding the most creative ways to avoid bedtime. If there’s a trail of toilet paper confetti or missing socks in your home, you might just have a dachshund mastermind behind the mischief! πŸΎπŸ˜†Β