Adorable Tunnel Zoomies Conclude Mini Dachshund’s Beach Day

On February 3rd, one lucky dog basked in the beach experience, having more fun than her petite frame could contain: Ahsoka the Mini Dachshund is living her absolute best life on the beach. That’s a very impressive tunnel – and an even more impressive zoom!

Embarking on a beach day with our furry dachshund companions is an absolute delight, especially when the sun is shining bright. While they revel in the joy of running around, we get to enjoy the perfect beach day. Could there be anything more wonderful?

dachshund viral beach day zoomies

You can follow their adventures on TikTok

Fun Fact: Did you know Mini Dachshunds were bred for tunnels? Back in the late 1800s, German hunters sought a smaller dog for hunting rabbits and badgers. Regular Dachshunds were too big, so they bred smaller ones.