Man in Suit Offers $1,000,000 To Strangers For Their Dogs In Social Experiment

Dog owners often say their pets are everything, part of the family. But one man tested this in a social experiment, aiming to capture the results.

Can you assign a value to your dog? While you wouldn’t trade your child for $100,000,000, do you apply the same logic to your furry friend? 

$1mn cash for your dog
Men in suits offer $1mn for strangers dogs

Many declined immediately, emphasizing their dogs’ family status, with some asserting they wouldn’t part with them for a million dollars. One man appeared willing until his partner stepped in. Would you sell your dog for $100,000,000?

The bottom line – we wouldn’t sell our little doxie ‘Patrick’ for $1,000,000, and believe many of you share the sentiment.

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