9 Funny Things About Dachshunds Only Owners Will Understand

What sets Dachshunds apart? Why do Dachshund enthusiasts have an unwavering passion for the breed?

Dachshunds possess distinct qualities that make them endearing companions. They exude cuteness coupled with a spirited demeanor.

Dachshund aficionados often express sentiments such as:

“Once a Dachshund enters your life, there’s no turning back.”

“It’s not you owning a Dachshund, it’s them owning you.”

“My Dachshund has mastered the art of training me.”

“A Dachshund believes it’s a large dog in a petite frame.”

Having been a Dachshund owner for 7 years I’ve delved into the nuances that make them uniquely charming.

1. Dachshunds Flaunt Their Canine Confidence.​​
Label it as a swagger or a touch of arrogance, but most Dachshunds genuinely believe they’re the doggy VIPs. Maybe it’s the royal treatment at home or the adoration from strangers, but it’s clear something’s gone to their little heads. Perhaps they were born with a crown on their tiny paws – who’s to say!

dachshund funny things

2. Dachshunds Speak Their Minds (and Give You the Side-Eye).
Sure, dogs might not comprehend human emotions like “revenge,” but try convincing a Dachshund of that! If they’re not thrilled with your actions, be prepared for the judgmental glares, sassy demand barks, or a cheeky display of their mischievous side. These little rebels have a way of expressing exactly what’s on their minds!

dachshund funny things

3. Dachshunds Take the Lead in Training You.
Typically, when folks get a dog, they assume the role of the owner. Yet, with Dachshunds, you might start pondering who the real boss is at home. While it’s feasible to train a Dachshund, you might discover that adapting your schedule and surroundings to suit your furry overlord’s preferences is often more practical (and less challenging) than attempting to train them.

4. Dachshunds Are Masters of Negotiation… When They Feel Like It. Bribery is the name of the game with most Dachshunds. Offer them treats or toys, and they might just cooperate with your requests. Yet, dealing with these stubborn canines occasionally means they’ll flat out refuse, regardless of the incentives. Conversely, there are moments when they’ll spontaneously perform actions they know you appreciate, strategically aiming for that coveted reward.

dachshund training

5. Dachshunds Fearlessly Face the World. Originally bred as hunting dogs with a mission to tackle even the toughest badgers, Dachshunds are built with a spirit that refuses to yield.

dachshund hunting

6. Dachshunds Have a Flair for Vocal Expression. Dachshunds are renowned for their frequent and resonant barking. Whether it’s alerting you to an apparent intruder like the mailman or engaging in a vocal debate with harmless blowing leaves, there are moments when it appears they simply enjoy the sound of their own bark.

dachshund barking meme

7. The Never-Ending Ear Flip Battle with Dachshunds.
Dachshunds have a knack for flipping their long ears over, making it a perpetual task to return them to their factory position. Soon enough, it becomes a reflexive part of your daily routine.

dachshund ears

8. Dachshunds Make Perfect Cuddle Companions.
Dachshunds have a penchant for sleeping in your bed and delight in burrowing under the blankets. Their joy peaks when you snugly embrace them.

dachshund Great Snugglers

9. The Belly Rub Conundrum: A Dachshund’s Full-Time Request.
Dachshunds adore belly rubs, seemingly convinced it should be your perpetual task, regardless of whether you have a free hand or not.

Dachshund belly rub

In the grand saga of Dachshund antics, remember: they may think they’re the rulers of the roost, demand constant belly rubs, and have a knack for flipping their ears. Yet, in the world of wiggly tails and sassy barks, Dachshunds undoubtedly reign supreme as the pint-sized emperors of hilarity.

So, next time your Wiener dog pulls a quirky move, just grin and say, “That’s just Dachshund life for you!”

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