10 Famous Owners Of Dachshunds You Probably Never Knew About

Hollywood has always been partial to this congenial intelligent hound. Below are 10 famous Dachshund owners:

1. Pablo Picasso with his Dachshund named Lump

Pablo Picasso with his Dachshund called Lump

2. John Wayne with his Dachshund Blackie

john wayne with his family sausage dog Blackie

3. Carole Lombard with her Dachshund called Commissioner

Carole Lombard sadly passed away at age 33 in a plane crash. After her death in 1942, her dachshund was left to her husband, Clark Gable. The doxie would not leave Gable’s side.

4. Clark Gable

5. William Randolph Hearst with either Helen or Ghandi

6. Andy Warhol adopted a short haired dachshund naming him Archie

andy warhol adopted a short haired dachshund puppy and named him Archie. Warhol was smitten. He took Archie to his studio, to art openings, and even to restaurants.

7. Paulette Goddard

Paulette Goddard with her dachshund

8. E.B. White owned a Dachshund called Fred

E.B. White owned a dachshund named Fred

9. Errol Flynn had a dachshund named Chula

Errol Flynn with dachshund in the garden

10. Liz Smith & Iris Love with Arete

In the Limelight

Because of the adaptability of this little hound who thinks big and has such an alert, intelligent outlook on life, the Dachshund has had his share of the “good life.”

The Ugly Dachshund, a Walt Disney movie shows three or four of these hounds take charge of one Great Dane, causing havoc along the way.

Another Miniature Dachshund was a major player in Tom Wolfe’s novel The Bonfires Of The Vanities, and appeared in the movie role.

In Once Upon A Crime, staring the late John Candy, two red smooth Dachshunds add a touch of comic relief and are a major part of the plot.

Hollywood has always been partial to this congenial intelligent hound.

Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, John Wayne, William Randolph Hearst, Andy Warhol, Paulette Goddard and Carole Lombard all fell for this long little dog with short legs and the merry heart.

Pablo Picasso, Sir Noel Coward, columnist Liz Smith, the archeologist Iris Love and famed photographer Sidney Stafford have claimed these hounds for their own.

As you can see, the Dachshund have survived through the centuries due to their dedication of the many breeders and owners who persevered to make this dog what he is today.

The dachshund is used successfully in the field; he is at home in the show ring, where he does a great deal of winning in all coats and both sizes; and he/she is just as active in the obedience ring.

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