Do Dachshunds Like To Swim?

Dachshunds, with their unique body structure and short legs, may not be the first breed that comes to mind when you think of swimming dogs. However, the answer to whether Dachshunds like to swim is not a simple yes or no.

While some Dachshunds naturally enjoy the water, others may need some encouragement and training to feel comfortable in the water. In this ultimate guide, we will explore the topic of Dachshunds and swimming in detail, covering various aspects and providing tips for introducing your Dachshund to swimming.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Can Dachshunds Swim?
  3. Why Dachshunds May Struggle with Swimming
  4. Teaching Your Dachshund to Swim
  5. Water Safety Tips for Dachshunds
  6. Benefits of Swimming for Dachshunds
  7. Conclusion

Dachshunds are known for their long bodies and short legs, which can pose challenges when it comes to swimming. However, swimming can be a great exercise and a valuable safety skill for Dachshunds, especially if they are going to participate in water-related activities.

While not all Dachshunds naturally like water, some can be taught to enjoy swimming.

Can Dachshunds Swim?

The majority of Dachshunds do not naturally like water, but there are exceptions. Some Dachshunds love to swim, either naturally or after being taught to like it. It’s important to note that just because Dachshunds can swim doesn’t mean they all enjoy it.

Dachshunds, as a breed, are not known for their affinity for water, but some individuals can’t resist taking a dip.

Do Dachshunds Like To Swim

Why Dachshunds May Struggle With Swimming

Dachshunds may face some challenges when it comes to swimming due to their unique body structure. Their long bodies and short legs can make it more difficult for them to float and paddle efficiently in the water. Additionally, Dachshunds were originally bred for badger hunting, not swimming, so their physical traits are not optimized for aquatic activities. However, with patience, training, and precautions, Dachshunds can still learn to swim.

Teaching Your Dachshund To Swim

If you want your Dachshund to be a confident swimmer, it’s important to introduce them to water gradually and provide proper training. Here are some tips for teaching your Dachshund to swim:

  • Start young: The best time to introduce your Dachshund to swimming is when they are young. Desensitization and gradual exposure to water can help them become comfortable with swimming.
  • Use positive reinforcement: Reward your Dachshund with treats and praise when they show interest in the water or make progress in swimming.
  • Provide a life jacket: Dachshunds can tire quickly in the water due to their short legs. Using a properly fitted life jacket can provide buoyancy and ensure their safety.
  • Take it slow: Allow your Dachshund to progress at their own pace. Gradually increase the depth of the water and provide support and encouragement as they learn to paddle and float.
  • Supervise closely: Always keep a close eye on your Dachshund when they are near water. Even if they can swim, accidents can still happen, so it’s important to ensure their safety.

Water Safety Tips For Dachshunds

When it comes to water safety, there are some important considerations for Dachshunds. Here are some tips to keep your Dachshund safe around water:

  • Never force your Dachshund to swim: Some dogs may need a more gradual introduction to the water. Forcing them can create fear and anxiety, making it more difficult for them to learn to swim.
  • Use a leash near water: Keep a leash on your Dachshund when walking near the shore or swimming in the water. This can help prevent accidents and allow you to quickly rescue them if needed.
  • Consider a floating dog leash: A floating dog leash can be a useful tool when swimming with your Dachshund. It floats on top of the water and is brightly colored, making it easy to see and providing a quick way to pull your pup to safety if necessary.

Benefits Of Swimming For Dachshunds

While not all Dachshunds may enjoy swimming, there are several benefits to this activity for those who do:

  • Exercise: Swimming is a low-impact exercise that can provide a full-body workout for Dachshunds. It can help strengthen their muscles, improve cardiovascular health, and burn off excess energy.
  • Weightless exercise: Swimming allows Dachshunds to exercise without putting stress on their joints. This can be particularly beneficial for Dachshunds prone to back-related issues.
  • Mental stimulation: Swimming can provide mental stimulation for Dachshunds, as they navigate the water and engage their senses.
  • Bonding time: Swimming with your Dachshund can be a fun and bonding experience for both of you. It allows you to spend quality time together and create positive associations with water.


While not all Dachshunds naturally like to swim, some can be taught to enjoy it with patience, training, and precautions. Swimming can be a great exercise and safety skill for Dachshunds, but it’s important to consider their unique body structure and take appropriate measures to ensure their safety.

By following the tips and guidelines in this guide, you can introduce your Dachshund to swimming positively and safely. Remember to always supervise your Dachshund around water and prioritize their well-being.

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