Unveiling 10 Popular Names for Your Dachshund in 2024

If you’ve decided on the irresistibly charming Dachshund, fear not! Yappy.com, a personalized gift site, has conducted a survey among thousands of their customers to unveil the most popular names people choose for their beloved sausage dogs.

Many of us have embraced the joy of bringing new furry friends, particularly puppies, into our homes in recent years. According to Kennel Club statistics, dog ownership has reached unprecedented levels.

With a staggering choice of 221 different pedigree dog breeds and numerous crossbreeds available, selecting the perfect addition to your family requires careful consideration. However, even after narrowing down the type of dog you want, there’s still the delightful yet challenging task of choosing the right dog name.

1. Rollo.
Securing the top spot as the most favored name for sausage dogs is “Rollo.” This name holds a fascinating origin, signifying ‘wolf’ in Old Norse. Additionally, it shares its moniker with a well-known chocolate and caramel sweet.

two dachshunds taking a selfie lied on a brown bed

2. Frank
Following closely as the second most favored name for Dachshunds is “Frank.” Derived from the Latin name Francis, this name carries the meaning of ‘free one.’

spot me bro meme with dachshund looking like he is about to lift a heavy weight

3. Coco
Proving its widespread appeal across various dog breeds, Coco stands out as one of the most popular names—a trend that holds equally true for Dachshunds.

dachshund named coco soaking up the sun with his eyes closed

4. Minnie
Wrapping up the list of the top 5 Dachshund names is Minnie. With its roots in Hebrew, this name signifies a ‘wished-for child.’

close up fish eye capture of dachshund trying to get in the house

5. Slinky
Adding to the roster of well-liked Dachshund names is Slinky, undoubtedly influenced by the canine character featured in the Toy Story films.

dachshund asleep with paws in the air. the dog is called Slinky

6. Digby
While Digby may have gained fame as the largest dog in the world, it remains a top choice among owners of diminutive sausage dogs.

small dachshund called Digby next to a bottle of champagne also called digby

7. Snoop
Snoop is a beloved choice among owners of adorable sausage dogs. Whether inspired by the iconic cartoon dog Snoopy or the renowned rapper Snoop Dogg, it’s a charming name that adds to the canine cuteness.

cool dog face close up to camera with pink sunglasses on, resembling snoop dog. The dog is called Snoop

8. Peggy
According to the research, Dachshunds named Peggy abound. The name, meaning ‘pearl,’ is a fitting choice for these precious pups.

two dachshunds riding on a surfboard, enjoying the waves

9. Sizzle
Wrapping up the list of the top ten most popular sausage dog names is another distinctive choice – Sizzle. Perhaps it’s the resemblance of these adorable and elongated canines to hot dogs that makes this name stand out.

meme of brown dachshund with text on image that reads "ok, it was me, I farted. The dog is lied on the sofa

10. Fudge
Among the more uncommon yet still favored names for Dachshunds is Fudge. Presumably influenced by the delightful color of the dog’s coat, it remains a popular and charming choice.

small brown dachshund puppy named fudge


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