Dachshund Ballooned To 77 Pounds. The Extraordinary Events That Followed Are An Absolute Must-See!

Obie’s initial owners, who were elderly and unable to maintain an active lifestyle, affectionately fed him, leading the Dachshund to balloon to 77 pounds.

Recognizing the need for intervention, a relative stepped in, and Obie found a new home with Nora Vanatta.

With her animal science background, Nora promptly initiated a weight loss plan for Obie.

Eventually, Obie shed an impressive amount of weight for a small dog, his new owners credit the support of two other active canine companions and diligent veterinary care for his transformation.

You can watch the inspiring story below.

EDIT: We recently learned from Obie’s Facebook page that he sadly passed away June 2022 😢

We are truly sorry to hear about Obie’s passing. In times like these, it’s important to cherish the beautiful memories and the deep bond you share with your dogs.

Obie’s journey, from overcoming challenges to becoming a beacon of inspiration, reflects the love and care he was given.

Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts, and Obie’s presence will surely be missed.